merely players in a sentence

  1. He has recorded one album on Nerve Records, ( one of the ) merely players.
  2. These few people are zealots ( not merely players ) who are extremely prejudicial and unfair to other chess variants.
  3. Auerbach coached people, not merely players, and he was very choosy about the people he had on his team.
  4. In 1940 it was taken over by a group of non-Equity actors, the " Merely Players ", whose productions were picketed by the theatrical unions.
  5. The entire block became a stage for MTV's program, with all the screaming, thronging men and women outside merely players, essential though they were to the show.
  6. It's difficult to find merely players in a sentence.
  7. Looking for a stage piece that he could perform for benefits and fundraisers, in 1959 Morse debuted " Merely Players " on stage for the first time in Boston, Massachusetts.
  8. They may be one of the school's, such as Nebraska, that doesn't need everybody's All-American to succeed, merely players who can to fit into their scheme.
  9. The first words spoken in the video are Shakespearian, a quote from The Merchant of Venice, which references that well-known adage about the world being a stage, all the men and women on it merely players.
  10. A new comprehensive omnibus volume " Presenting Barry Morse & Merely Players ", edited by Robert E . Wood and Anthony Wynn, is being readied for future publication, along with the release of the show on DVD.
  11. Another of Roger Hodgson s philosophical musings, " If Everyone Was Listening " was inspired by the " As You Like It " adage " All the world s a stage, and all the men are merely players ".
  12. He first presented a version of his one-man show " Merely Players " in 1959, which explored the experiences of actors through history, with the definitive version of the show debuting in 1984 for a Canadian national tour.
  13. Wood is co-author, with Barry Morse and Anthony Wynn, of the books " Pulling Faces, Making Noises : A Life on Stage, Screen and Radio " and " Merely Players-The Scripts ".
  14. Similarly, the melancholic Jaques in " As You Like It " ( 1599 1600 ) asserts, after the fashion of Heraclitus, that " All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players ."
  15. Tierney is the author of the full collections " The Hayflick Limit " and " Full Speed Through the Morning Dark ", the chapbook " Trans-Mongolian Express ", and the thesis novella " Merely Players ".
  16. He has produced and worked on many multiple productions of the Barry Morse one-man show " Merely Players " throughout the U . S . and Canada, partly based on material found in the book " Stories of the Theatre ".
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