merely a theory in a sentence

  1. However, this is merely a theory and no assumptions can be made.
  2. Thus, MC is not merely a theory related to a specific model, it is a framework for devising compartmentalized models.
  3. In 1996 O'Donnell attended the theory of evolution on the ground that it is " merely a theory " or " a myth ".
  4. Mentok declares, after pranking the courtroom, that the school can teach whatever they want, and that Cavey Junior is merely a theory, not a real child.
  5. Seward had invoked the Monroe Doctrine and later stated in 1868, " The Monroe Doctrine, which eight years ago was merely a theory, is now an irreversible fact ."
  6. It's difficult to find merely a theory in a sentence.
  7. The Counselor tells him that it is merely a theory, as no full A . I . has ever reached the stage before, and it is even more unlikely for a fragment, such as Sigma, to undergo the process.
  8. Until 1992, this was merely a theory, but in that year, Dr . Rongjia Tao and his colleagues at Southern Illinois University succeeded in recording microscopic images of strands of electrified cornstarch particles suspended in motor oil showing that they acted just as the theory had predicted.
  9. The Angels use of the phrase " the planetary hypothesis " to refer to their terrestrial origin was a gentle dig at Christian fundamentalism in the United States, with its insistence that evolution is " merely a theory . " The story also refers to the success of Christian fundamentalists in taking over school boards in the US . A more direct criticism of Christianity comes in Le Guin's depiction of the cult of Bliss being disrespectful of women, as well as of believing in a patriarchal family.

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