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  1. Merello alternated acting with a few forays into recording.
  2. It stars Hugo del Carril and Tita Merello.
  3. Merello had a difficult childhood marked by poverty.
  4. The film starred Tita Merello, Irma C髍doba, Enrique Serrano and Fernando Ochoa.
  5. The stars were Tita Merello, Alfredo Alc髇, Luis Arata y Rolando Ch醰ez.
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  7. He worked with popular actors of the period such as Tita Merello and Tito Lusiardo.
  8. Starring Tita Merello and Tito Lusiardo.
  9. Merello returned to Argentina at the invitation of Hugo del Carril and worked in an amusement park.
  10. She was ready to quit the production and she offered the part to Merello, who quickly accepted.
  11. Other early co-stars with whom she worked were Carmen Lamas, Gloria Guzm醤 and Tita Merello.
  12. After Arturo Garc韆 Buhr ended a romance with Tita Merello, Olivier and Buhr become a couple in 1950.
  13. Merello published her autobiography " La calle y yo " ( The Street and I ) in 1972.
  14. The play contained a song that would become recognized as a signature song for Merello, " Se dice de m?".
  15. Left to right : unknown woman, Isabel Sarli, Zubarry, Tita Merello, unknown actress in second row and Mirtha Legrand.
  16. Merello held his first solo exhibition in 1909 . In 1913 he became professor of painting at the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti.
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