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  1. In early February Merella joined Barrow at the Wessex Stadium on 29 March.
  2. Merella became a regular in Blackpool's reserve team in The Central League in the 2008 09 season.
  3. Merella made his debut for Blackpool on 3 January 2009, as a second-half substitute in their 1 0 FA Cup defeat to Conference National club Torquay United.
  4. In the 2005 06 season, Merella was part of the Devon County Schools FA 2 1 in the final, which was held at Ewood Park in Blackburn on 11 May 2006.
  5. The 5 pm news was cancelled, and Merella Fernandez was part of a company-wide layoff that affected 6 % of CITY's staff, including several on-air personalities.
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  7. "' Dominic Merella "'( born 31 December 1989 ) is an English professional footballer for Jerez Industrial CF . He is a midfielder who can also play as a striker.
  8. In November 2008, it was revealed that Blackpool were willing to let Merella go out on loan in order for him to get some first-team experience, after he continued to impress for the club's reserve team.
  9. Among those laid off were longtime 6 : 00 p . m . co-anchor Anne Mroczkowski and six reporters ( Farah Nasser, Jee Yun Lee, Laura Di Battista, Marianne Dimain, Merella Fernandez and Michael Serapio ); Pam Seatle was also dismissed, but returned to the station one month later.
  10. These quests are directly connected to the story of the kingdom, how the evil sorceress Altessa has attacked the kingdom and how Tortare, Max, Merella, Solomon, Zach, Mama Bear, Bert, Walker, and the Dragons Rory and Lux ( the various game characters ) are fighting against Altessa, the Mogre ( her right hand ) and her evil Minions.

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