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  1. Those guidelines say that only physicians can carry out mercy killings.
  2. Parliament was due to pass historic legislation Tuesday legalizing mercy killings.
  3. "It was supposedly a mercy killing because he was sick.
  4. Mrs . Tabret therefore sees her act as a mercy killing.
  5. Horne claimed that he carried out a " mercy killing ".
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  7. The film had a tragic climax where Mercy killing takes place.
  8. Fox killed it, but it was a mercy killing.
  9. Rather, he had merely submitted to a mercy killing by Kevorkian.
  10. But the buzzword most nominated for mercy killing was win-win.
  11. Bush has performed a mercy killing on the peace process.
  12. It does not propose to legalize euthanasia or mercy killing.
  13. It compared doctors conducting mercy killings to " executioners ."
  14. Dutch doctors conduct an estimated 5, 000 mercy killings a year.
  15. An estimated 5, 000 mercy killings were conducted annually.
  16. In western Europe, only Belgium and the Netherlands permit mercy killings.
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