mental problems in a sentence

"mental problems" in Chinese  
  1. Meanwhile, foul shooting has become a mental problem for Mourning.
  2. "It's always been mental problems with him.
  3. "He had mental problems, " she said.
  4. "I have mental problems, " he said.
  5. "He has mental problems, " she said.
  6. It's difficult to find mental problems in a sentence.
  7. Again, no prosecution ensued because of his obvious mental problems.
  8. Low self-esteem is the main mental problem we see,
  9. Torres showed no signs of mental problems until three days ago.
  10. Then they got laid off, and their mental problems began.
  11. Some people have mental problems, sometimes it is emotional problems.
  12. They also said he was confused and had serious mental problems.
  13. He had a mental problem he was never able to overcome.
  14. The actress's mental problems have occasionally hurt her career.
  15. Only somebody with severe mental problems can commit such an act.
  16. Serena said it was more a mental problem on her part.
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