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  1. Harvey's programme also puts more emphasis on weight training and mental preparation.
  2. However, said Susanne Wagner, some " mental preparation " would be needed.
  3. I was Greece, " the new champion said of his mental preparation.
  4. Krzyzewski seeks an edge in mental preparation and a will to win.
  5. Successful coaches put an increasingly heavy stress on mental preparation, Ungerleider noted.
  6. It's difficult to find mental preparation in a sentence.
  7. I did a lot of mental preparation to get ready to compete.
  8. Oh, you do a lot of mental preparation, studying, film analysis.
  9. Dunn's mental preparation has helped him become one of professional rodeo's toughest men.
  10. In matters of posture and mental preparation, Hampson often repeated himself.
  11. He also used a form of mental preparation for momentous decisions.
  12. I would credit that more to the whole staff elevating their mental preparation.
  13. Coming from Division II, there wasn't that much mental preparation ."
  14. His maturity, attitude and mental preparation have made a big difference for us.
  15. Belcher said, " you elevate your mental preparation for a guy like Edgar.
  16. Switzer contends that the self-destruction had nothing to do with the Cowboys'mental preparation.
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