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  1. Shape memory alloy is used for applications such as pipes, fasteners and vascular stents.
  2. Superelastic alloys belong to the larger family of shape-memory alloys.
  3. Another useful Heusler alloy is the class of materials known as ferromagnetic shape memory alloys.
  4. The Air Force Research Laboratory is looking at shape-memory alloy for speed dependent vortex generators.
  5. Shape Memory Alloys are metal alloys that can deformate and then recover their original shape by heating.
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  7. Shape memory alloys also have surprising mechanical properties, that were eventually explained by an analogy to martensite.
  8. Unlike shape-memory alloys, no change in temperature is needed for the alloy to recover its initial shape.
  9. It uses shape memory alloys ( SMAs ) as muscles, bending and flexing the hull to generate thrust.
  10. A review of recent advances in high-temperature shape-memory alloys ( HTSMAs ) is presented by Ma et al.
  11. The Light mass Flexible Solar Array Hinge ( LFSAH ) payload consisted of several hinges fabricated from shape memory alloys.
  12. One of the advantages to using shape-memory alloys is the high level of recoverable plastic strain that can be induced.
  13. There is another type of SMA, called a ferromagnetic shape-memory alloy ( FSMA ), that changes shape under strong magnetic fields.
  14. For more authenticity, Malzbender wants to build in a " micromechanical feedback system " using shape-memory alloy wire-whose length is electrically controllable.
  15. The shape of the curve depends on the material properties of the shape-memory alloy, such as the alloying . and work hardening.
  16. The SmartToe implant is constructed of nickel titanium ( NiTi ), a shape memory alloy also commonly referred to by the name, Nitinol.
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