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  1. Dr . Memory monitors memory allocations and memory accesses using shadow memory.
  2. Whenever possible, all required memory allocation is specified statically at compile time.
  3. Thus, dynamic memory allocation is not built into the language processor.
  4. As a beginning programer, you don't have to worry about memory allocation, blahblahblah.
  5. Many different implementations of the actual memory allocation mechanism, used by, are available.
  6. It's difficult to find memory allocation in a sentence.
  7. GETSPACE and FORGETSPACE are the two main procedures handling memory allocation and deallocation.
  8. In dynamic memory allocation implementations that employ a Dylan ) use automatic garbage collection.
  9. syntax has several variants that allow finer control over memory allocation and object construction.
  10. To modify an application's preferred memory allocation, first make sure the program isn't running.
  11. Tools such as memory allocation functions can help uncover runtime errors in memory usage.
  12. Memory allocation is dynamic  each process gets as much memory as it requests.
  13. Memory allocation with naive allocators can be a serious bottleneck.
  14. Another reason to avoid dynamic memory allocation is memory fragmentation.
  15. For this reason, dynamic memory allocation is frowned upon.
  16. This library supports stream input and output, memory allocation, mathematics, character strings, and time values.
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