memory alignment in a sentence

  1. The volume is then rendered into this buffer using the far more favorable memory alignment and fixed scaling and blending factors.
  2. Although those two paradigms were efficient, real-world implementations were plagued with limitations from memory alignment problems to synchronization issues and limited parallelism.
  3. Techniques for creating zero-copy software include the use of MMU . These features require specific hardware support and usually involve particular memory alignment requirements.
  4. Because of this, applications cannot be tested for platform bugs related to memory alignment and various firmware related glitches without a Brew handset operating in test mode.
  5. :Memory speed is a pain to understand because it's all wrapped up in bus bandwidth, memory alignment, cache size, cache speed, cache coherency-and all of that gets hugely wrapped up in issues of multitasking.
  6. It's difficult to find memory alignment in a sentence.

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