memory aids in a sentence

"memory aids" in Chinese  
  1. At this time, written works were meant to be external memory aids.
  2. It was used as a memory aid when counting certain units.
  3. The use of memory aids is helpful in fighting cognitive signs of aging.
  4. With advancements in technology, Smartphones can serve as prospective memory aids.
  5. No external memory aids are allowed while performing these tasks except the person's mind.
  6. It's difficult to find memory aids in a sentence.
  7. The snaps were memory aids; it was the memory that was the essential thing,
  8. His drawings are exercises, memory aids and studies toward paintings.
  9. Other individuals may also be used as external memory aids.
  10. Some of the tools and memory aids are : Songs, Stories, Condolence Cane, Wampum strings, Protocols.
  11. Even without such fine discerning capabilities, memory aids could be a handy tool for some people.
  12. While in Ephebe, Brutha's memory aids an Omnian raid through the Labyrinth guarding the Tyrant's palace.
  13. There are extreme uses of external memory aids.
  14. The category of people who will benefit from these kinds of memory aids includes everyone, he contended.
  15. Memory aids in the formation of identity.
  16. These buttons are similar in style to standard aqua buttons, but are color-coded as a memory aid.
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