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  1. The least motivated student can memorize 45 words in a row.
  2. I used to try to memorize what these monsters looked like.
  3. What's more boring than memorizing a list of words?
  4. "Memorizing lines isn't really hard,"
  5. You do, but only the part that you can memorize.
  6. It's difficult to find memorize in a sentence.
  7. "I've memorized every single line ."
  8. You've memorized this story, haven't you?
  9. It also encourages students to analyze material instead of memorize it.
  10. "You've memorized it ?'Joseph exclaims.
  11. McMahon said it was something of a challenge to memorize lines.
  12. They were told specifically to memorize as many questions as possible.
  13. I'm not saying that writing has eliminated memorizing poems.
  14. So, yes, I do memorize the nearest fire exits.
  15. She virtually memorized every message the president left on her machine.
  16. School children do not memorize his words or sketch his portrait.
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