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  1. Migmatites often appear as tightly, incoherently folded ( ptygmatic folds ) melanosome.
  2. Basic science discoveries included the discovery of the melanosome and of human tyrosinase.
  3. The melanosome is transported along the microtubule.
  4. In melanocytes Rab27 binds the melanosome.
  5. The loss of any one of these proteins interrupts melanosome transport and results in the hypopigmentation.
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  7. Tyrp1 is also involved in maintenance of melanosome structure and affects melanocyte proliferation and melanocyte cell death.
  8. The neosome is composed of lightly-colored areas ( leucosome ) and dark areas ( melanosome ).
  9. The melanosome is composed of cordierite, hornblende and biotite and forms the wall zones of the neosome.
  10. Moreover, since OA1 is an organellar GPCR, it may represent an unidentified pathway in the melanosome.
  11. Furthermore, the team was able to compare melanosome types to those of modern birds to determine a general range of colour.
  12. The symptoms of type II Griscelli syndrome have shown that Rab27 is involved in melanosome transport in melanocytes and in cytotoxic killing activity in cytotoxic T lymphoblasts.
  13. Small amounts of melanin-like granules together with other electrone-dense particles can also be seen within large melanosome complexes in the underlying connective tissue.
  14. They have a characteristic ultrastructure on electron microscopy, which varies according to the maturity of the melanosome, and for research purposes a numeric staging system is sometimes used.
  15. If present, the mesosome, intermediate in color between a leucosome and melanosome, is mostly a more or less unmodified remnant of the original parent rock ( protolith ).
  16. The researchers who identified the mutation in 2008 suggested that melanosome pH may be affected, which in turn might affect the processing of tyrosine, a critical element of melanogenesis.
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