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  1. You have to decide whether the medical factor is worth the risk.
  2. He said he could narrow the range by taking non-medical factors into account.
  3. HIV, they said, is just another medical factor to consider in the equation.
  4. But I think the question is variations regarding body type and / or medical factors.
  5. Substantial differences in death rates could not be explained solely by demographic and medical factors, the study found.
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  7. The show-me-the-medical factor is crucial to many workers considering jobs in small businesses.
  8. He needs to identify and treat all the medical factors that could influence a person's mental state.
  9. Drugs and medical factors that can throw off a polygraph don't affect CVSA results, according to the institute.
  10. Smith said immigration, along with social and medical factors, have combined to produce high tuberculosis rates on the border.
  11. A toxicology examination will be done to determine if any other medical factors might have contributed to the boy's death.
  12. In other countries such as the UK, only medical factors and the position on the waiting list can affect who receives the organ.
  13. Now it appears that medical factors do not explain the racial gap, according to a study today in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  14. One group will have the same patients, with conditions that may be different, but who are linked by some medical factor, say high cholesterol.
  15. Birth weight is found to be affected by; demographic and socioeconomic factors, medical factors, prenatal behavioral and environmental factors, and medical conditions with the pregnancy.
  16. Equally, the threshold at which aggression is shown may be influenced by a range of medical factors, or, in some cases, precipitated entirely by pathological disorders.
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