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  1. The sanatorium is like a country rest home with limited medical facilities.
  2. The injured soldier was evacuated to a nearby medical facility for treatment.
  3. These supplement the government efforts to reach medical facilities to the people.
  4. Stepashin noted that both blasts were also close to police medical facilities.
  5. Poor sanitation and inadequate medical facilities have been blamed for the illnesses.
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  7. The air strikes damaged a nearby medical facility and injured seven people.
  8. Poor sanitation and shortages of affordable medical facilities contribute to other diseases.
  9. Medical facilities may not be easily accessible and may not be sophisticated.
  10. Sudanese officials claimed that the plant was actually a private medical facility.
  11. There's even a hot button for instant information on medical facilities.
  12. Also on the grounds are a religious hotel and medical facilities.
  13. It took 20 hours for the family to reach medical facilities.
  14. The town has no medical facilities, running water or regular electricity.
  15. Jenner theorizes that medical facilities worldwide may have faced similar predicaments.
  16. The three wounded soldiers were evacuated to a military medical facility.
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