medical experts in a sentence

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  1. Medical experts say the indictment concerning Protropin may have disturbing reverberations.
  2. Nonetheless, medical experts said, no system is fail safe.
  3. Medical experts noted that Protropin has been controversial from the start.
  4. Branch Davidians, firearms experts and medical experts also will appear.
  5. Persistence is paying off for Olympic medical experts and potential marathoners.
  6. It's difficult to find medical experts in a sentence.
  7. A diagnosis is made after an evaluation by a medical expert.
  8. That is a gross exaggeration, legal and medical experts say.
  9. When it comes to eggs, few medical experts are neutral.
  10. Tornado casualties are different from what emergency medical experts normally see.
  11. The hospital has asked outside medical experts to review its care.
  12. Medical experts called Monday's FDA alert an uncommon step.
  13. Medical experts say high volumes are typically associated with better results.
  14. The customers and medical experts quoted usually don't exist.
  15. The judge said he considered submissions from three independent medical experts.
  16. Ask The Experts features advice to questions from several medical experts.
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