medical expertise in a sentence

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  1. He said many of them were well known for their medical expertise.
  2. The new statute about military and medical expertise follows international law practice.
  3. White received invitations worldwide to speak, lecture and share his medical expertise.
  4. She noted that Cuba is often cited for its medical expertise.
  5. Due to his medical expertise he has a certain authority among those quarantined.
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  7. Columbia, in turn, will benefit from Emory's name and medical expertise, Kane said.
  8. That peer review utilized the finest medical expertise and cutting edge technology available.
  9. This requires a great deal of infrastructure and medical expertise.
  10. "The upstate counties don't have a whole lot of medical expertise, " he said.
  11. To say or do too much to help her would reveal his medical expertise.
  12. Or a legal case requiring medical expertise when brought by the police for examination.
  13. "Brian shared his medical expertise with colleagues around the world, " the statement said.
  14. He often came to the aid of other countries when his medical expertise was needed.
  15. She is a geriatrician, whose medical expertise is aging.
  16. It also gives access to medical expertise to people far beyond the area the clinic's location.
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