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  1. Medical experts say the chances of an epidemic sweeping Turkey are slight.
  2. But medical experts called by the defense cast doubt on those assertions.
  3. Medical experts agree that French law relegates sterilization to a dubious zone.
  4. Medical experts who discussed the results disagreed about how to advise Americans.
  5. A WHO emergency team of medical experts arrived in the area Friday.
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  7. Medical experts said they may never know for sure what befell Yushchenko.
  8. Medical experts estimated that she had been in the water for months.
  9. Scientific and medical experts have concluded that nutritional supplements can contain nandrolone.
  10. Medical experts now are searching for ways to improve the survival rate.
  11. Medical experts say that about 10 percent of such cancers are fatal.
  12. Medical experts called the case one of the worst they had seen.
  13. Tornado casualties are different from what emergency medical experts normally see.
  14. Medical experts say the indictment concerning Protropin may have disturbing reverberations.
  15. Medical experts were investigating an additional 16 suspected cases in Gabon.
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