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  1. The repair effort forced the astronauts to postpone some medical experiments.
  2. Glenn will serve as a subject in two major medical experiments.
  3. WASHdebate over how patients ought to be protected in medical experiments.
  4. The new report urged extending that rule to other medical experiments.
  5. Others were sterilized or subjected to grisly pseudo-medical experiments.
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  7. The first was a profound distrust of all medical experiments.
  8. For a few, even medical experiments are within reason.
  9. They might also be the biggest medical experiment ever undertaken.
  10. Thagard will work on medical experiments during his three months aboard Mir.
  11. Thagard's chief task is to conduct medical experiments.
  12. Some had undergone pseudo-medical experiments by Auschwitz doctors.
  13. The crew was also expected to continue their medical experiments.
  14. They do have medical experiments that they have to do.
  15. There were executions and grisly medical experiments at other sites.
  16. Octagon also performs medical experiments at night when the moon is out.
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