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  1. Both shows are bent on making the medical experience very personal.
  2. The wisdom of medical experience can be delicious to accumulate and display.
  3. All surgeons were required to have at least five years of medical experience.
  4. The airline uses registered nurses with advanced medical experience, training, and certifications.
  5. Prosecutors said he lied to immigration authorities about his refugee status and medical experience.
  6. It's difficult to find medical experience in a sentence.
  7. Nothing to indicate any real medical experience whatsoever.
  8. Many offices providing cosmetic procedures are staffed by people with little training or medical experience.
  9. I don't have any medical experience and haven't yet gone to college.
  10. Lowenfeld's limited medical experience in England made it easier to follow a research career.
  11. Instead, you are asking random strangers who likely have no medical experience of any kind.
  12. Some women who blame implants for their health problems said they were irate about their medical experiences.
  13. His emergency medical experience also puts him in a position of caretaker for the band and crew.
  14. Throughout this period Gull's various duties gave him extensive opportunities to develop his medical experience.
  15. In 1997 he wrote " Man to Man ", which recounted his medical experience.
  16. The coach used all of his renowned medical experience to determine the extent of Lucas'cerebral damage.
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