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  1. Golden Rule pays 100 percent of eligible medical expenses after the deductible.
  2. They must also itemize deductions and have lots of other medical expenses.
  3. My medical expenses after retirement will be fully paid by my employer.
  4. The film was used to raise funds to cover his medical expenses.
  5. The group predicts that medical expenses will rise if either proposition passes.
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  7. Account holders are required to retain documentation for their qualified medical expenses.
  8. Bills for legal and medical expenses total more than $ 11, 000.
  9. Hartwig said body shop costs and medical expenses had leveled off.
  10. For unreimbursed medical expenses, the threshold is 7 . 5 percent.
  11. Medical expenses incurred for children not claimed as dependents may also be deductible.
  12. Increasing seat belt usage would reduce medical expenses by about $ 7 billion.
  13. The beneficiaries would buy private insurance to pay catastrophic medical expenses.
  14. That figure includes losses due to property damage or medical expenses.
  15. Kufour said the government would pay the medical expenses of survivors.
  16. The money was to help pay some of Tony's medical expenses.
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