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  1. Their average annual medical expense before participating was 3, 500 Yuan.
  2. Remember, however, that vitamins are not considered a deductible medical expense.
  3. Prescription drugs are the biggest medical expense for many senior citizens.
  4. Anderson says she knows the anxiety her brother feels about his looming medical expense.
  5. The Zhangs were suing for a reduction of fines and reimbursement of medical expense.
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  7. The firm said it will also subsidize the medical expense of monitoring the virus.
  8. Hospital and medical expense policies were introduced during the first half of the 20th century.
  9. It reflects the quality and quantity of life added due to incurring a particular medical expense.
  10. People would not have to wait months for their prosthetics, which would ultimately decrease the medical expense.
  11. Congress is considering making the premiums paid for long-term care insurance a tax-deductible medical expense for employees.
  12. If they do get sick and die, we think the taxes we pay easily covers the medical expense.
  13. The IRS is encouraging as much by allowing taxpayers to deduct weight-loss programs as a legitimate medical expense.
  14. The Internal Revenue Service is encouraging as much by allowing taxpayers to deduct weight-loss programs as a medical expense.
  15. Forbes would keep it pure, getting rid of the home mortgage, medical expense and charitable deductions and everything else.
  16. In addition, the IRS recently ruled that the cost of marijuana could not be deducted as a medical expense.
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