medical exams in a sentence

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  1. Another recent medical exam showed that his lungs are unusually thin.
  2. Medical exams are provided and no drugs or drinking are allowed.
  3. He indicated the tear had been identified through additional medical exams.
  4. Why did George Bush refuse to take a medical exam ?"
  5. The price is $ 75 for a medical exam and inoculation.
  6. It's difficult to find medical exams in a sentence.
  7. "That's because medical exams are still underway.
  8. Like other applicants, senior citizens must pass thorough medical exams.
  9. A medical exam showed degenerative effects commonly seen after knee surgery.
  10. Instead, a second medical exam Thursday confirmed their worst fears.
  11. The crew started routine activities and two types of medical exams.
  12. The medical exam was less extensive than other immigration medical exams.
  13. The medical exam was less extensive than other immigration medical exams.
  14. Justice Stephen G . Breyer observed that medical exams typically require urinalysis.
  15. Q : Can a prospective employer make applicants take a medical exam?
  16. They just have a lot of medical exams to take.
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