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  1. Weaver's death was confirmed by the medical examiner earlier.
  2. We compared our list with the medical examiner's list.
  3. The Medical Examiner's office is still completing toxicology tests.
  4. The medical examiner has not said whether pepper spray was responsible.
  5. Medical examiners had positively identified 78 and tentatively identified another 10.
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  7. The medical examiner's office apologized to the Lauer family.
  8. The medical examiner's office ruled he had strangled himself.
  9. Goode dismissed Speth as a state assistant medical examiner in 1987.
  10. The medical examiner did not suspect foul play in the death.
  11. The medical examiner's office said the children were strangled.
  12. According to the medical examiner, he was 6-3.
  13. The medical examiner did not rule the case a homicide Thursday.
  14. The medical examiner said Tuesday he apparently had died of exposure.
  15. Four women _ a homicide inspector, a medical examiner, an
  16. The Westchester medical examiner determined that the death was a suicide.
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