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  1. Even workers at local medical examiners offices said Sunday they were keeping an eye out for Strawberry.
  2. Even workers at local medical examiners offices said Sunday they were keeping an eye out for him.
  3. On December 26, 2011 the Cobb Medical Examiners office announced Bobby Franklin's death was caused by heart disease.
  4. The Melbourne lab analyzes samples for half of the 26 medical examiner offices in the state, including Palm Beach, Martin, St . Lucie and Okeechobee.
  5. But, the Medical Examiners office said it would not be able to make further identification until Thursday, leaving a fretfull night ahead for the relatives.
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  7. "Most of the families are breaking down when we talk to them, " said Calvin Vine, an investigator from the San Diego County Medical Examiners Office.
  8. Christopher Kelly, the spokesman for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, said a comprehensive review of the medical examiner office's policies and procedures was under way.
  9. After an inconclusive autopsy Saturday, a spokesman for the county medical examiners office in Minneapolis said lab tests had been ordered to determine the cause of death.
  10. Remains that were recovered from the Pentagon were photographed, and turned over to the Armed Forces Medical Examiner office, located at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.
  11. Now with the New York City medical examiner office's release on Monday of the most thorough list of victims, it is possible to chart the devastation by ZIP code.
  12. If a sign were needed of just how difficult it has been establish the number with confidence, it might be the city medical examiner office's recent experience in listing the victims.
  13. "Common student backgrounds : crime laboratories, medical examiners offices, police departments, criminal defense and prosecution attorneys, hospital and clinical laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and high school and college science teachers ."
  14. The King County Medical Examiner Office last week ruled the 48-year-old machine operator died of " a combination of acute cocaine intoxication and physical restraint, " but declined to offer more details.
  15. One felony charge was dropped and motions to dismiss the remaining four charges were argued at a pre-trial hearing for Fred Zain, the former chief serologist for the Bexar County Medical Examiners Office.
  16. By noon Monday, seven body bags of remains were loaded onto an airboat normally used for everglades tours and taken to a levee where emergency vehicles and vans from the medical examiners office assemble.
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