medical examinations in a sentence

"medical examinations" in Chinese  
  1. The medical advisor of the jury suggests to perform another medical examination.
  2. He said he was traveling back to Austria to undergo medical examinations.
  3. Chernomyrdin said Friday before the results of the medical examination were made.
  4. He was advised to wear a neck brace after a medical examination.
  5. Boxers are subjected to comprehensive medical examinations and to tests for narcotics.
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  7. Applicants must undergo a rigorous medical examination and training session to qualify.
  8. Kamocha has reserved his ruling on bail but ordered immediate medical examinations.
  9. The medical examination of foreign workers would then be a mere formality.
  10. A medical examination revealed that the girl had been raped, Pirom said.
  11. Then the surgery and the medical examinations started, for both of them.
  12. The office said it would release further details after the medical examination.
  13. He gathers courage and undergoes a medical examination that confirms his infertility.
  14. Results from more medical examinations are expected within the next few days.
  15. Postflight medical examinations showed some loss of red blood cells and plasma.
  16. A subsequent medical examination revealed evidence of a sexual assault, documents say.
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