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  1. Equally many ethical issues surround the decision to discontinue mechanical ventilation.
  2. When this is insufficient, the patient might require mechanical ventilation.
  3. Severe respiratory failure requires treatment with endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation.
  4. There is no mechanical ventilation for the rooms in the building.
  5. Energy usage is thus low and mechanical ventilation is not required.
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  7. Without mechanical ventilation, he could suddenly develop cardiac arrest.
  8. Pulmonology often involves managing patients who need life support and mechanical ventilation.
  9. Tracheal intubation is often used for short term mechanical ventilation.
  10. Natural ventilation is far better from an environmental perspective than mechanical ventilation.
  11. His condition deteriorate and was later put on mechanical ventilation.
  12. Modes of mechanical ventilation has only had an established nomenclature since 2008.
  13. The most characteristic clinical feature is a prolonged requirement for mechanical ventilation.
  14. Seven children required mechanical ventilation and 13 were treated in intensive care wards.
  15. This method of mechanical ventilation will help patients assume more work of breathing.
  16. It is indicated for sedation in the ICU for patients needing mechanical ventilation.
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