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  1. He has championed civil rights bills and blocked gun control measures.
  2. This is a stringent statewide measure, but a balanced measure,
  3. This is a stringent statewide measure, but a balanced measure,
  4. Kim courted his allies, but kept a measure of independence.
  5. His bill mirrors Clinton's measure with one big exception.
  6. It's difficult to find measure in a sentence.
  7. The tests measure resistance to electrical impulses in units called milliohms.
  8. By most measures, Wu Tao-yuan had it made.
  9. The measure still may have to be reconciled with the Senate.
  10. Each chamber must still give final approval to the compromise measure.
  11. "We're ready to take urgent precautionary measures.
  12. By most measures, JT is a company of questionable promise.
  13. Brown says she now supports the measure, as does Lungren.
  14. But this reality has not guaranteed the measure an easy ride.
  15. Those measures require patience and generous amounts of caffeine to comprehend.
  16. I would propose taking very concrete measures to advance their status.
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