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  1. Unilateral action by the president does not measure up to this standard.
  2. Bonds could hit a million home runs and still never measure up.
  3. McCain urged advocates of the provision to bring the measure up separately.
  4. Even supporters wondered if McCarthy could again measure up to his masterwork.
  5. Texas fans only wanted every succeeding coach to measure up to Royal.
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  7. Gay men always feel they have to try harder to measure up.
  8. Pujols measures up to the yardstick established by no less than Williams.
  9. So how does this sexy sequel measure up to its storied predecessors?
  10. How well does Barbie measure up against the great beauties of history?
  11. They just do not seem to think that this one measures up.
  12. But his impact the past few years has not quite measured up.
  13. And so far this season, Seattle has not quite measured up.
  14. There, he will begin his quest to measure up to Coates.
  15. And it leaves you wondering how Athens could possibly measure up.
  16. And right now, no team measures up to the Atlanta Braves.
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