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  1. Matrix multiplication is composed of multiplication and addition of the entries.
  2. The ket } } can be computed by normal matrix multiplication.
  3. In this context the operation of composition amounts to matrix multiplication.
  4. The order is important because matrix multiplication is non-commutative.
  5. Using this system, translation can be expressed with matrix multiplication.
  6. It's difficult to find matrix multiplication in a sentence.
  7. Kak proposed a fast matrix multiplication algorithm for cross-wired meshes.
  8. An example of a systolic algorithm might be designed for matrix multiplication.
  9. Composition has closure and is associative, since matrix multiplication is associative.
  10. Together with the matrix multiplication G is an infinite group.
  11. :My guess is that the mistake is in your matrix multiplication.
  12. Instead, there is only two-by-two matrix multiplication.
  13. For example, the mathematical definition of matrix multiplication is as follows:
  14. The Blocked ( Tiled ) Matrix Multiplication algorithm reduces this dominant term.
  15. However, matrix multiplication is not commutative, therefore this group is nonabelian.
  16. By the definition of matrix multiplication, we have:
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