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  1. which is slightly more general than an S-matrix element.
  2. There are numerous ways to get parameters for these matrix elements.
  3. It is useful primarily in computing S-matrix elements.
  4. The second factors are the " reduced matrix elements ".
  5. The nonzero matrix elements can only come from the spin-0 subspace.
  6. It's difficult to find matrix element in a sentence.
  7. Consider next the matrix element appearing in the integral.
  8. It gives the normalization of the weak interaction matrix elements for the nucleon.
  9. In standard AAS, the impurity is dissolved together with the matrix element.
  10. The d-matrix elements defined here are real.
  11. Therefore there appear interference terms in the absolute square of the matrix element.
  12. Otherwise, it's just given by the matrix elements of p.
  13. The computation of physical observables from matrix elements of operators requires some care.
  14. By index matching, the matrix element is:
  15. The following year Edward Condon extended the rules to non-diagonal matrix elements.
  16. The off-diagonal Hamiltonian matrix elements were given as proportional to the overlap integral.
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