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  1. Preparation for foil material of new nickel matrix alloy
  2. A better strengthening effect on am50 by adding re has a relation to the content of zn in the matrix alloy
  3. Microscopic analysis of the abrasion surface indicated that the wear mechanism of composites and matrix alloy included sticking abrasion and grindrng - particle abrasion on the materials
  4. The hardness of the parts made of composits was higher than that of the parts made of the matrix alloys . but the hardness of both kinds was higher than their ingots respectively
  5. The composite containing 8vol % sic particles and the matrix alloy were die - cast into parts and particles reinforced aluminum matrix composites parts were first successfully manufactured by die - casting in domestic
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  7. Based on the literature analysis of al matrix in - situ composites by reaction synthesis , it is found that in - situ reaction synthesis processed can ameliorate wettability between reinforcement phase and al matrix alloys and strengthen interfacial bonding and improve mechanical properties of al matrix composites
  8. The high - temperature properties of ti3al matrix alloy can satisfy the request of the exit temperature of the areoengine compress . but the room temperature plasticity of ti3al matrix alloy is very low , hard to shape , and manufacture ' s cost is very expensive
  9. The results showed that sic particles dispersed uniformly in the composites , that the composites " hardness increased with the increasing volume fraction of sic particles , and that the composites had the outstanding wear resistance properties that were superior to the matrix alloy
  10. What ' s more , the application of tc11 two phase alloys to the compress disk of areoengine alredy is relatively mature , and tc11 alloy may work safely for very long time below 500 c . ti3al matrix alloy and ( a + b ) two phase alloy is connected by weld . the request of the temperature and stress can be satisfied by dual alloy disk with isothermal forged ( or hot die forging )
  11. The results of the hardness test showed the composites " hardness increased with the increasing volume fraction of sic particles . results of the wear tests showed the composites had the outstanding wear resistance properties , especially in lubricated sliding case , the wear resistance properties of the composites were superior to the matrix alloy over one or two orders of magnitude

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