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  1. Some very large sparse matrices are infeasible to manipulate using standard dense-matrix algorithms.
  2. The benefit of this strategy is that the implicit solver only requires a Tridiagonal matrix algorithm to be solved.
  3. It has several advantages over Isomap, including faster optimization when implemented to take advantage of sparse matrix algorithms, and better results with many problems.
  4. This can be done efficiently if both solutions are computed at once, as the forward portion of the pure tridiagonal matrix algorithm can be shared.
  5. In this study, the researchers simulated a social network of 900 participants, called nodes, which were connected into a network using a matrix algorithm.
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  7. The advantage of the ADI method is that the equations that have to be solved in each step have a simpler structure and can be solved efficiently with the tridiagonal matrix algorithm.
  8. Arnoldi iteration is a typical large sparse matrix algorithm : It does not access the elements of the matrix directly, but rather makes the matrix map vectors and makes its conclusions from their images.
  9. This is also an issue in the Gaussian elimination matrix algorithm ( or any algorithm that can compute the nullspace of a matrix ), which is also necessary for many parts of the Risch algorithm.
  10. which is a tridiagonal problem, so that u _ { i } ^ { n + 1 } \, may be efficiently solved by using the tridiagonal matrix algorithm in favor of a much more costly matrix inversion.
  11. Matrices with reasonably small upper and lower bandwidth are known as band matrices and often lend themselves to simpler algorithms than general sparse matrices; or one can sometimes apply dense matrix algorithms and gain efficiency simply by looping over a reduced number of indices.
  12. In many problems, especially linear diffusion, the algebraic problem is tridiagonal and may be efficiently solved with the tridiagonal matrix algorithm, which gives a fast \ mathcal { O } ( n ) direct solution as opposed to the usual \ mathcal { O } ( n ^ 3 ) for a full matrix.

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