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  1. Block matrix algebra arises in general from biproducts in categories of matrices.
  2. More generally every real geometric algebra is isomorphic to a matrix algebra.
  3. Her work in general focused on linear and matrix algebra.
  4. In computational matrix algebra, iterative methods are generally needed for large problems.
  5. It was matrix algebra that harnessed the hypercomplex systems.
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  7. Commonly used types of data include matrix algebra.
  8. The study of matrix algebra first emerged in England in the mid-1800s.
  9. Someone discovered that matrix algebra seemed to describe accurately some fundamental law of nature.
  10. Among them, analytic geometry and matrix algebra, which are important for higher dimensions.
  11. This simplifies the control problem to a series of direct matrix algebra calculations that are fast and robust.
  12. It has a much wider scope than just matrices, but the matrix algebra intro is very accessible.
  13. Spinor spaces were represented as left ideals of a matrix algebra in 1930, by minimal left ideal in.
  14. The analytical and computational development are best effected throughout by means of matrix algebra, solving partial differential equations.
  15. Answering such questions is the realm of spectral theory and requires considerable background in functional analysis and matrix algebra.
  16. These theorems are elegant developments in matrix algebra, proving relations that had been previously known only for particular cases.
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