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  1. STN LCDs have been optimized for passive-matrix addressing.
  2. Passive matrix addressing takes advantage of hysteresis to display images on liquid crystal displays.
  3. Potentially, passive-matrix addressing can be used with these new devices, if their write / erase characteristics are suitable.
  4. Hysteresis can be used when connecting arrays of elements such as nanoelectronics, electrochrome cells and memory effect devices using passive matrix addressing.
  5. Displays with bistable pixel elements are addressed with a passive matrix addressing scheme, whereas TFT LCD displays are addressed using active addressing.
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  7. To counteract this effect, and improve switching speed, LCDs use an Active matrix addressing of transparent thin-film transistors to directly switch each shutter.
  8. In 1988, Sharp Corporation introduced the first commercial LCD television, a 14 " model with active matrix addressing using thin-film transistors ( TFT ).

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