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  1. These are, she said, tough times for holy matrimony.
  2. So he skipped the matrimony step and jumped right into parenthood.
  3. Symphonic matrimony is rarely for life and not always for love.
  4. Jay Lyons was single; he left the dream of matrimony.
  5. He played a charming, maladroit bachelor who balked at matrimony.
  6. It's difficult to find matrimony in a sentence.
  7. Ashley Judd is racing toward matrimony with Indy driver Dario Franchitti.
  8. The newspapers urged the King's unmarried sons towards matrimony.
  9. Regardless, their decades-long courtship finally ended in matrimony.
  10. He suggests his daughter Minnie as an excellent choice for matrimony.
  11. Phoenix holds forth in an aside on the sacredness of matrimony.
  12. Holy Matrimony, with Patricia Arquette, Oct . 12.
  13. Amid the explosion of sex, matrimony itself is taking a pounding.
  14. Hercules, that ceremony you went through _ the bonds of matrimony.
  15. The last stop as we head back to Moab is Matrimony Springs.
  16. The matrimony of gays and sports has always been an uneasy one.
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