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  1. These were also some of the first mathematical graphs.
  2. I'd like to know the name of a particular mathematical graph, if one exists.
  3. "' KAlgebra "'is a mathematical graph calculator included in the KDE education package.
  4. Classifying according to mathematical graph theory, USB buses are directed trees, whereas FireWire buses have a true bus network topology.
  5. H . M . Trent developed a treatment for analogies in general from a mathematical graph theory perspective and introduced a new analogy of his own.
  6. It's difficult to find mathematical graph in a sentence.
  7. "' Event relationship graphs "'( ERGs ) are a generalized type of mathematical graph used for modeling discrete-event system dynamics.
  8. The PAEC's mathematics division placed the scientific data in the public domain and published seismic activities, mathematical graphs, and mathematical formulas used to calculate the yield; though certain scientific information remains classified.
  9. In terms of mathematical graph theory, an electrical power distribution network made up of plugs and sockets is a directed tree, with the directionality arrows corresponding to the female-to-male transfer of electrical power through each mated connection.

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