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  1. "If one asks where is the math behind Darwin, we have the metaphor of the mathematical genetic algorithm ( GA ).
  2. This idea was lightened before by de Maupertuis ( 1745 ), who pioneered the mathematical genetics of polydactyly ( de Maupertuis 1751 ).
  3. The de Finetti diagram has been developed and used extensively by A . W . F . Edwards in his book " Foundations of Mathematical Genetics ".
  4. For many molecular biology approaches, as opposed to mathematical genetics, neutral mutations are generally assumed to be those mutations which cause no appreciable effect on gene function.
  5. The de Finetti diagram has been put to extensive use in population genetics by A . W . F . Edwards in his book " Foundations of Mathematical Genetics ".
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  7. The remainder of Professor Edwards s career has been spent at Cambridge, ultimately as Professor of Biometry, during which he has published widely, including books on Venn Diagrams, Mathematical Genetics, and Pascal's triangle.

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