mathematical gazette in a sentence

  1. From 1956 to 1962 he was editor of the Mathematical Gazette.
  2. Neville retired from the University of Reading in 1954, after which he continued to publish papers in the Mathematical Gazette.
  3. When Sheppard died he was remembered in the Mathematical Gazette with a one-page note; Sheppard had been president of the Mathematical Association in 1928.
  4. In the late 1920s, he published in the " Mathematical Gazette " four notes on geometrical problems, including on Malfatti's Problem.
  5. In 1900 he joined the Mathematical Association and in the 1900s was contributing articles on teaching to its journal, " The Mathematical Gazette ".
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  7. Langley became Secretary of the Mathematical Association ( 1885-1893 ), founded the Mathematical Gazette ( 1894 ) and became its editor ( 1894 95 ).
  8. He contributed the article " On two fragments of geometrical treatises found in Worcester Cathedral " to the " Mathematical Gazette " ( March 1911, p . 19 ).
  9. Muirhead was to publish many Papers on mathematics in the " Proceedings " and " " Mathematical Gazette ", but is principally known for his Papers on Inequalities and as the author of Muirhead's inequality theory.
  10. His former Bedford Modern School pupil, the mathematician Eric Temple Bell, contributed to his obituary in the Mathematical Gazette stating'Every detail of his vigorous, magnetic personality is as vivid today as it was on the afternoon I first saw him '.
  11. Cundy spent many years publishing dozens of articles in The Mathematical Gazette, including at age 89 the " Article of the Year " for 2003, entitled " A Journey round the Triangle : Lester's Circle, Kiepert's Hyperbola and a Configuration from Morley ".
  12. While still at school, Pedoe published his first paper, " The geometric interpretation of Cagnoli's equation : sin b sin c + cos b cos c cos A = sin B sin C-cos B cos C cos a "; it appeared in the " Mathematical Gazette " in 1929 . He was successful at the " ten plus " examination and subsequently won a Scholarship to study mathematics at Cambridge University.

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