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  1. The keypad includes basic mathematical functions : addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  2. He also introduced much of the modern mathematical terminology and mathematical function.
  3. Financial ethics is in this view a mathematical function of shareholder wealth.
  4. The model uses mathematical functions inspired by the neurons in our brains.
  5. No confusion should arise with the notation for a mathematical function.
  6. It's difficult to find mathematical function in a sentence.
  7. Mathematical functions frequently change units, provided they are not linear functions.
  8. One also usefully can approximate the particle size distribution using a mathematical function.
  9. Instead of compiling a program literally, it compiles the mathematical function it denotes.
  10. The problem set for MADDIDA was computation of a mathematical function.
  11. There was also complaint to the slowness of the mathematical functions.
  12. There are also mathematical functions describing the C _ n ^ 2 profile.
  13. McIDAS-V can also analyze and manipulate the data with its powerful mathematical functions.
  14. In general, integrals containing cannot be found in terms of standard mathematical functions.
  15. Miller's recurrence algorithm is mentioned in the " Handbook of Mathematical Functions ".
  16. FN is given by a mathematical function called " s ".
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