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  1. These equations, together with the mathematical formulation of general relativity.
  2. It was first given a mathematical formulation in a John Conway.
  3. The following section will include a mathematical formulation of the Multislice algorithm.
  4. This observation is the foundation of the predominant mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics.
  5. Yet, other people will be very interested to see those mathematical formulations.
  6. It's difficult to find mathematical formulation in a sentence.
  7. Hilbert spaces are of crucial importance in the mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics.
  8. This is the mathematical formulation of electrical impedance tomography.
  9. Their eccentric geometries and tiered shapes are exemplars both of craftsmanship and mathematical formulation.
  10. Heisenberg thought that every mathematical formulation was capable of both wave and particle interpretations.
  11. This equivalence provides a precise mathematical formulation of mirror symmetry in topological string theory.
  12. Seligman insisted that the results Edgeworth achieved were a quirk of his mathematical formulation.
  13. This new mathematical formulation included as special cases the formulations of both Heisenberg and Schr鰀inger.
  14. Multivectors play a central role in the mathematical formulation of physics known as geometric algebra.
  15. The " Treatise " is fundamentally philosophical in nature despite extensive mathematical formulations.
  16. In the mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics, pure quantum states correspond to quantum uncertainty.
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