mathematical formulae in a sentence

  1. I suggest doing this for the images which represent mathematical formulae.
  2. To crunch Chaucer, researchers tweaked the programs'elegant mathematical formulae.
  3. The dimensions and proportions were dictated by sacred mathematical formulae.
  4. Various mathematical formulae relate the variables of the meander geometry.
  5. He is probably a nobody, but his mathematical formulae do work.
  6. It's difficult to find mathematical formulae in a sentence.
  7. Articles with illustrations or mathematical formulae are quite a bit more complicated, however.
  8. "' Biolyzer "'uses optimized mathematical formulae for calculating photosynthetic parameters.
  9. He developed mathematical formulae to explain the occurrence, and confirmed the results in other plants.
  10. To express this in mathematical formulae:
  11. Nevertheless, the curve was not yet based on mathematical formulae, at least not explicitly.
  12. Hello, is it really impossible to insert an assignment symbol : = into mathematical formulae?
  13. By providing uniformity over numerous mathematical articles and books, these conventions help to read mathematical formulae.
  14. Zef had been comparing the qualities of all the nested worlds and arranging them in mathematical formulae.
  15. The Jyotisha texts present mathematical formulae to predict the length of day time, sun rise and moon cycles.
  16. The article Great-circle navigation includes some mathematical formulae, which are displayed using . . . tags.
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