mathematical formula in a sentence

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  1. The program runs 8, 000 mathematical formulas to divine 16 emotional parameters.
  2. It then used mathematical formulas to apply that figure to the nation.
  3. The system's mathematical formula produces a number each day predicting fire danger.
  4. Sampling uses a mathematical formula to account for those who were missed.
  5. Gross tonnage is a dimensionless index calculated with a mathematical formula.
  6. It's difficult to find mathematical formula in a sentence.
  7. Or the court could strike votes, using complicated mathematical formulas of voting patterns.
  8. But tinkering with a mathematical formula is not going to solve Boston's problem.
  9. As Daschle put it Friday : " Bipartisanship is not a mathematical formula.
  10. He didn't draw up a brain-buster mathematical formula replete with parentheses and brackets.
  11. One source I found went on with page after page of mathematical formulas.
  12. Various mathematical formulas defining the torus are inscribed on the base.
  13. It's the same mathematical formula used by multilevel marketing companies and chain letters.
  14. Like other encryption systems, the new invention grew out of advanced mathematical formulas.
  15. Some incorporate complex mathematical formulas that are gibberish to 99 % of people.
  16. Net tonnage is a dimensionless index calculated with a mathematical formula.
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