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  1. The reconceived theory is formulated in various specially developed mathematical formalisms.
  2. Even though ultra-strict mathematical formalism is often unnecessary in physics.
  3. For full details and mathematical formalism, read the rest of this section.
  4. In this way, geometry and development were linked through a mathematical formalism.
  5. These philosophical ideas are directly reflected in the mathematical formalism of subjective logic.
  6. It's difficult to find mathematical formalism in a sentence.
  7. Numerous mathematical formalisms have been established to handle the case of an interacting system.
  8. His writings are characterized by lucid witty exposition and a minimum of mathematical formalism.
  9. Numerous researchers have explored algorithmic composition grounded in a wide range of mathematical formalisms.
  10. Information field theory is then an appropriate mathematical formalism to derive an optimal reconstruction formula.
  11. Quantum mechanically the idea is the same, but the mathematical formalism looks very different.
  12. This is " exactly " why electromagnetic physics is taught using equations and mathematical formalism.
  13. Explanation without mathematical formalism : Increasing by one percent is the same as multiplying by 1.01.
  14. Other approaches to resolve conceptual problems introduce new mathematical formalism, and so propose alternative theories with their interpretations.
  15. The underlying mathematical formalisms of CIP were first proposed by the physicist, Prof . Dr . Hugo Fierz.
  16. Leland " et al " have provided a mathematical formalism to describe self-similar stochastic processes.
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