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"mathematical finance" in Chinese  
  1. It was introduced in the mathematical finance literature in 1997.
  2. See for example, the application to mathematical finance below.
  3. Negative probabilities have more recently been applied to mathematical finance.
  4. Ranked # 16 among Financial Engineering and Mathematical Finance programs in North America in 2014
  5. Mathematical finance also overlaps heavily with the fields of computational finance and financial engineering.
  6. It's difficult to find mathematical finance in a sentence.
  7. In mathematical economics, elliptical distributions have been used to describe portfolios in mathematical finance.
  8. He specialized in Stochastics and Mathematical finance.
  9. Property Investment Calculators are typically driven by mathematical finance models and converted into source code.
  10. This problem has applications in mathematical finance.
  11. As another example, mathematical finance will derive and extend the Financial modeling " ).
  12. He is noted for his contributions in stochastic analysis and founding of Mathematical Finance in China.
  13. "Quantnet " ranks Boston University's Mathematical Finance program 14th in the world.
  14. Since 1994, Douady has conducted research in the field of mathematical finance, statistics and economics.
  15. The Quasi-Monte Carlo method recently became popular in the area of mathematical finance or computational finance.
  16. "' H閘yette Geman "'is a French academic in the field of mathematical finance.
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