mathematical field in a sentence

  1. This question is important in the mathematical field of finite model theory.
  2. A large number of other curves have been studied in multiple mathematical fields.
  3. But these folded constructions also provided fodder for a mathematical field known as combinatorics.
  4. Wolff made many contributions to a number of mathematical fields, including number theory.
  5. Specific mathematical fields include geometry and analytical mechanics.
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  7. In the mathematical field of differential geometry the Kulkarni Nomizu product is also well known.
  8. KQnig worked in many mathematical fields.
  9. The best way to arrange variously shaped tiles on a surface leads to the mathematical field of tessellation.
  10. These different interpretations results in notation being used from mathematical fields such as measure theory and set theory.
  11. Calculus and Linear Algebra are the courses offered by the school in the Mathematical field in the senior year.
  12. Later dedicated himself to the construction of scientific instruments, achieving fame principally in the optical and mathematical fields.
  13. In the mathematical field of Lie theory, there are two definitions of a "'compact "'
  14. Factorial moments serve as analytic tools in the mathematical field of combinatorics, which is the study of discrete mathematical structures.
  15. The paper ushered in a new era of classical electrodynamics and catalyzed further progress in the mathematical field of vector calculus.
  16. Higher-dimensional categories are part of the broader mathematical field of higher-dimensional algebra, a concept introduced by Ronald Brown.
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