mathematical fiction in a sentence

  1. When I was reorganizing my library, I naturally put Surreal Numbers and Flatland together under Mathematical Fiction.
  2. ""'A Certain Ambiguity "': A Mathematical Novel " is a mathematical fiction by Indian authors Gaurav Suri and Hartosh Singh Bal.
  3. How far they had come from the day more than 60 years ago when neutrinos were invented as an accounting device, a mathematical fiction to make a set of equations fly.
  4. ""'The Wild Numbers " "'is a mathematical fiction in the form of a short novel by Philibert Schogt, a Dutch philosopher and mathematician.
  5. Kraus was also known for his criticism of the theory of relativity, which was according to him an accumulation of " absurdities " ( like the constancy of the speed of light ) and " mathematical fictions ".
  6. It's difficult to find mathematical fiction in a sentence.
  7. Alex Kasman at " Mathematical Fiction " complained about errors in some of the author's descriptions of the mathematical problems, and in particular their unfair treatment of Wiles's proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.
  8. The answer is : the curved spacetime is the physically observable one in this theory ( as in all metric theories of gravitation ); the flat background is a mere mathematical fiction which is however of inestimable value for such purposes as writing down the general vacuum solution, or studying the weak field limit.
  9. When the fictitious em-fluid is destroyed or absorbed, its electromagnetic energy and mass is not carried away by moving matter, but is transferred into the non-electromagnetic fluid and remains at exactly the same place in that fluid . ( Poincar?added that one should not be too surprised by these assumptions, since they are only mathematical fictions . ) In this way, the motion of the COM-frame, incl . matter, fictitious em-fluid, and fictitious non-em-fluid, at least " theoretically " remains uniform.

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