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  1. Material at civil reactors also needs to be kept under guard.
  2. It has to do with being poor and scavenging for materials.
  3. But there are far less traditional materials on view, too.
  4. Ukraine is 80 percent dependent upon the raw materials of Russia,
  5. So I scanned the press material that came with the book.
  6. It's difficult to find material in a sentence.
  7. But in Japan, buildings are made of more flammable materials.
  8. Gooding said even a speck of dust can ruin the material.
  9. But then the script often gives its characters such clumsy material.
  10. He deserves material clever enough to let him do just that.
  11. Recent developments have given Fiske plenty of new material to review.
  12. But one thing is certain : the material is being unearthed.
  13. Decisions about what is material usually occur during the contestability period.
  14. Unfortunately today, there are too many possessors of nuclear material.
  15. Stone certainly attacks the material like a general waging total war.
  16. Materials : Small mirrors, a bright sun, a wall.
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