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  1. The flags flew at half-mast Sunday at Yankee Stadium.
  2. The 41-foot mast is taller than it should be.
  3. Rick Mast, on the other hand, loves his Taurus.
  4. Rick Mast has had one of the fastest cars all week.
  5. The experience has been a boost to Mast's confidence.
  6. It's difficult to find mast in a sentence.
  7. There's another country with a flag at half mast.
  8. Terms such as " mast-foot pressure,"
  9. From the bus we could see the masts of the vessels.
  10. Not by might mast'red, but by special grace.
  11. Visit the Mast General Store in the former Belk location downtown.
  12. Forty-foot masts rising from the deck would carry sails.
  13. A partly furled square sail is rigged to the single mast.
  14. She was knocked out when her mast snapped Dec . 2.
  15. We have repaired the helm and set up an emergency mast.
  16. He will not find one of those masts in the Falklands,
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