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  1. The Japanese Section already has determined its champion : Massy Kuramoto.
  2. Mark McCumber represented the United States and Massy Kuramoto represented Japan.
  3. Arnaud Massy ( 148 ), Royal St . George's
  4. The band re-enlisted producer Sylvia Massy for this album.
  5. Massy needed a 4 at the difficult final hole to tie.
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  7. Three others, including Tsutomu Irie, Masahiro " Massy"
  8. The last Frenchman to win the Open was Errand Massy in 1907.
  9. Cannings was taken over by Neal and Massy in 1975.
  10. Massy was the first non-Briton to win the Open Championship.
  11. The song was recorded at Sound City Studios by engineer Sylvia Massy.
  12. Massy served as High Sheriff of County Limerick in 1765.
  13. Massy had taken 6 at the last to spoil a good round.
  14. John Thomas s grandson, Hugh Hamon Massy, next inherited Killakee.
  15. Three-time champion Masahiro " Massy"
  16. The last French winner was Arnaud Massy in 1907.
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